Industrial Turnkey Projects

SHG GreenTech introduced competitive & sustainable Industrial turnkey projects solutions with diversified expertise in industrial product & applications. We utilize our decades of expertise and knowledge of different industries to create project models that are affordable and designed to meet client's requirements. Offering the complete industrial turnkey solutions from design to pre assembled structures. We built strong technical partners for ease of doing complex procurement services to fulfill the clients' requirement on time.

Turnkey projects are the perfect solution for small and medium sized companies that need to get their operations up and running quickly.

Industrial Turnkey Projects

There are several reasons why industrial turnkey projects are a perfect fit for companies like us. First of all, they allow us to cut down the time we spend on the project itself, since we only have to do a few things. Secondly, it allows us to focus on what we do best - creating content for our clients. And thirdly, it gives us more control over our work environment and workflow, which is something that is very important in this industry.

Industrial turnkey Projects Process :

It means that building pre-assembled structures under turnkey industrial projects is just as competitive as executing the post planning projects offsite.

  • Turnkey : One of our qualified & dedicated project management team will manage all the aspects of design, plan layout, documents & compliances, cost estimation, project feasibility, procurement management services since its inception to the post planning of project lifecycle. We support you to establish your customized facility - so you can focus on your business.
  • No variations : The whole project is delivered at an agreed price which means there is no change in turnkey project cost – so you don’t get any surprises.
  • Customized solutions : The building can be tailored to meet your business’ specific needs incorporating specialized systems if required – you get the project you want.
  • Speedy project deliverables : The average timeline to complete an industrial turnkey projects is as specified depending on the size of the industrial facility – so the impact on your project operations is minimized by high Return on Investment - ROI.

SHG GreenTech’s Industrial Turnkey Projects

Our holistic approach to fulfill the clients' specific requirements, we consider the project scope to be achieved as the priority. Endeavoring the promising journey as one of India's best industrial turnkey solution providers. Compared to our rivals, we employ entirely distinct approaches and strategies. We not only think about finishing the projects but we want to provide our clients with amazing designs and infrastructure. Our core industrial specialization in pre engineered building solutions, pre assembling structures, heavy engineering & fabrication services, industrial sheds & warehouses are the key services which we invested our time and efforts into clients' project scope.

Why SHG Green Tech ?


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SHG Green Tech collaborates with its team of engineers, designers, and laborers to provide our clients with the best possible outcomes. Since, we fully think that a concentrated team can come up with innovative & original thoughts. We understand that we should withstand client's expectations, leading as a highly respected and experienced industrial turnkey solutions provider. We ensure the product solutions par excellence for the clients. This motivates us to go above and beyond in supplying and fulfilling the precise needs of our clients across a variety of industries, such as gas and oil, transportation, retail, commercial, power, mining, etc.

Services we provide :

  • Chemical Processing Industry
  • FMCG
  • PEB Solutions
  • Dairy Farm
  • E&P Turnkey Solutions
  • Warehouses & factories
  • Large/Complex/integrated projects

Reason to rely on us :

  • We provide the best industrial turnkey projects services products at affordable prices.
  • Offering top-notch services and adhering to safety regulations is something we are deeply devoted to.
  • Our track records demonstrate our ability, sincerity, and integrity in handling, managing, and completing turnkey projects.
  • Regardless of their size or nature, our engineers, designers, and employees are skilled in managing difficult industrial turnkey projects.
  • We are known to be an industrial building firm that is incredibly trustworthy and reputable.
  • We put a lot of effort into providing complete client assistance.
  • To provide efficient and cutting-edge services, we continuously work to enhance our industrial solutions.

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