Industrial Solutions

A comprehensive approach and well organized team are the key drivers for SHG GreenTech. Our turnkey engineering, procurement & construction solutions ensure the maximum efficiency in all aspects of project execution by introducing a fast paced and sustainable approach. SHGGreenTech professional team of project management and turnkey contractors, provide the indepth project solutions from customized design all the way through to project commissioning and installation. SHG GreenTech project management team to closely manage the metric of schedule, economic, project cost engineering with project solutions.

Industrial Solutions

SHG GreenTech Expertise

  • Activity & Resource Planning - We recognise the importance of project timeline and so we determine the available resources and define the project scope by emphasizing the high performance team and productivity.
  • Leadership - SHG GreenTech organized project team support your project to be successful and partnering in the decisions that are crucial for your deliverables.
  • Project Risk Assessment -We invested our time to identify, analyze and respond to the risk associated with your project.
  • Planning - Our qualified team of personnel are specialized in formulating the plan to meet the project objectives within the stipulated budget and timeline.
  • Cost estimate - Review the project feasibility, the project cost engineering prior to the commencement of your project journey and ensure the cost shouldn't vary much.
  • Accountability -We keep accountable for every aspect of the project, including leading a team capable of meeting or exceeding client expectations for their project.


SHG GreenTech supports you in your project solutions, do you have any queries? Let you know the complete project management services? Contact a member of SHGGreenTech support team to start your project management services.

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