Under the astute leadership, SHG GreenTech LLP, is now a key leader in engineering, procurement, construction, heavy engineering & fabrication, serving the industries of wastemanagement, renewable energy, industrial complexes, power, metals & minerals, LNGinfrastructure & such other integrated projects. Delivering the technical services and engineeredsolutions to the clients under the different turnkey models. In collaboration with Government entities, OEMs, turnkey project contractors and technical partners, endorsed the sustainableproject management to undertake the most complex EPC turnkey solutions. Our presenceacross Asia, Africa and Middle East, making us one of the fastest entity in the turnkey project solutions. Our specialised approach retain the reputation at the forefront of the latest advancesin the large capital intentsive projects for specilaised facilities.

Our unique approach in project execution proves the competitveness and sustainability givingaray of hope and promoting a circular economy. Based on the project economics, we support theclients to customise the technologies that are appropriate towards the project endeavors

Why SHG GreenTech

With our proven engineering expertise and organised infrastructure, the turnkey models involveindepth analysis of every project insights, identifying the specific client's expectation, implementing most efficient project management solutions to reduce the project cost by keeping the quality of the project.

Vision & Mission

Support companies to ease their project completion by offering engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services. Project execution with new era of technologies andkeepthe mark of pioneering the turnkey solutions by value added turnkey EPFC solutions. Providetheproject management solutions in the fastest return on capital with consistent. Run the projectsin fair environment with proven results. Keeping your project competitveness by ensuringtheproject journey should be qualitatively derived. With safest installations and productive teamwork drive the project implementation more efficient and reliable in the most capital IntensiveProjects.

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